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It's Uour Child's First Official Year Of School!

Emirates English nursery established in Sharjah since 2008, Ever since we've believed in giving children the best start in life The history of EEN begins 2008, with our own search for the right nursery.
  • We wanted to give our children the best start in life, which to us meant better, more exciting care, stimulating environments, and lots of opportunities for play, interaction and development, at their own pace and in their own space. We couldn’t find a nursery that offered everything we wanted. So, we decided to found it ourselves in 2008 and opened The nursery

    In that very first emirates english nursery, we created a safe and enriching home-from-home environment filled with opportunities to learn. We recruited passionate staff with boundless enthusiasm for their work and a never-ending commitment to the children. It was a place where children’s emotional needs were met, their interests were nurtured, and their individuality was respected, which made it somewhere parents loved too.

    Over the past few decades I have been lucky to work with some amazing people to provide children around the world with exceptional care. I truly believe that our childcare can be the path to a brilliant future. I hope that, just like we did for my own family  years ago, we can give your children the best start in life too. 









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Our Management Behaviours

  • We are obsessive about our values
  • We act with integrity and transparency in all our relationships and are approachable by any colleague
  • We have confidence and energy and inspire action
  • We do what we say we are going to do and execute at speed
  • We will challenge, but always with respect, and will take difficult decisions
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